Epson refillable ink cartridges (Type III) - How to refill

Refilling most Epson printers these days is only possible, if you have a set of purpose built, refillable ink cartridges.

This page explains how to refill them...

There are few different versions of Epson refillable ink cartridges used in various Epson printers. These instructions are for the Type III cartridges as used in SureColor P400, P600 and other Epson models - and look something like this:. 

Epson refillable P405 diagram

Note: Side cover has been removed for a better view of the internals. There is no need to remove it for refilling.

If your refillable catridges look similar to the above picture, except the internal ink filter is placed lower (directly above ink outlet), you can find the correct instructions here.

If your refillable cartridges look nothing like the above picture, take a look at some other Epson refillable instructions.

If you're looking at buying some Epson refillable cartridges, try entering your printer model (eg XP235) or cartridge number (eg T29) in Search.

Epson Type III cartridge refilling:

1) Hold or support cartridge upright. 

2) If filling (this cartridge) for the first time, leave the air hole plug or tape in place. If it's been filled before and/or the tape (or plug) has been removed, use a spare plug or a piece of sticky tape to reseal the hole.

3) Remove and keep the ink plug

4) Securely attach blunt needle to a syringe and fill it with ink - by dipping needle in ink bottle and slowly pulling the plunger to 10-12ml mark. Don't pull it all the way out of the syringe!

5) Slowly fill the ink reservoir through the ink hole.

Epson refillable P405 filling 1

If one syringe full is not enough, add more ink in the same way until full.

Epson refillable P405 full

6) If your refilled cartridge looks like this - the empty ink filter must be primed before using the cartridge. You will need a syringe with a plain tapered (not screw on) tip for this.

Push the tip (no needle) inside the ink hole (tight) like this...

.Epson P405 cartridge priming 1

7) Draw the syringe plunger to 10ml mark and you should feel the vacuum trying to pull the plunger back in. 

Note: If you can't feel any vacuum, check the syringe connection for leaks and make sure the air hole is plugged. If the cartridge has been installed in printer before, you must also seal the ink outlet. Dry it well then apply a square of sticky tape over the outlet...

Epson P405 ink refilling - priming

8) Gradually release the plunger and it should slide back inside the syringe. Don't push it back in! If it's not working, there is something wrong. Correct it before continuing. Repeat the pull/release action couple of times, or until the ink filter looks about half full - like this.:

Epson P405m refillable priming

9) Remove the priming syringe, top the ink up, plug the ink hole and remove plug from the air hole.

Epson refillable P405 - finished

10) If your cartridge looks like this now - well done! Rinse syringe etc in clean tap water and you're finished. Another Epson cartridge - filled to perfection!

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