Epson printer - How to avoid automatic driver updates

If you are already refilling your Epson printer cartridges or plan to in future, not installing the latest printer driver and/or disabling automatic updates can be beneficial. Learn how on this page.

Note: This page is few years old and some of the info may not apply to late model Epson printers. If you use a mobile to load the printer driver for example, you get no choice in what installs - or how.  

1) Switch off or unplug your internet modem. This is optional, but recommended. If you were to click a wrong button during the setup by mistake, there's no harm done - unless connected to the internet. Just go back a step or two and change the setting or abort the installation and start again.

2) Insert printer installation CD and enter Setup. If your printer came with driver CD and you don't have a device to use it with - get one. Basic external CD readers are cheap and well worth the few dollars.

3) Select 'Custom' or 'Manual' Setup option, not 'Express' or 'Automatic'. You will get no option to decline driver updates if you use the 'Express Setup'.

4) Click 'Decline' in the next window and tick the 'Do not display this message'.



5) When the printer setup finishes, you can plug your modem back in (or turn it on), but make sure your virus firewall is activated before you do.

Epson update blocking

Most properly configured firewalls (including Windows) should see any update file as a virus and will block it - unless you enable the update, by clicking the 'Unblock' button. Make sure to click 'Keep Blocking' (as in above pic)!!!

Even if you follow all the steps outlined above, watch out for special ink offers and other attempts to sway you into registering your printer. Also warn everyone using your printer - to never click any 'offers' buttons (as below).

Epson ink offers and updates

Just click 'Already purchased' or simply close this window - to get rid of this message.

As you can's not all that difficult to avoid Epson driver updates - just be careful what you click.

So...why not install Epson printer updates?

Lot of modern hardware and software tend to update itself regularly and just about every time you turn a computer or a mobile on, there's some new update waiting to be installed. So what's wrong with getting the latest driver updates for Epson printers?

Printer updates are permanent and may include irreversible changes to the printer.

Driver update can't be reversed or deleted once installed. Even if you delete the updated driver from the hard drive then re-install the original driver from CD - it won't achieve anything. Printer firmware files get installed directly to the printer memory.

Printer updates can stop hardware working. Driver update can change the ink cartridge recognition protocol and even perfectly working printer can stop working with 'ink cartridges not recognised' error - after receiving an Epson update.

If you're using (or plan to use) compatible cartridges, refillable cartridges, continuous ink system or any other non-Epson ink cartridge, you will not be able to  - until all the cartridges are replaced with brand new, genuine Epson products.

Will Epson driver updates affect printers using a 'chipless solution' ?

Yes, if you're using a chipless firmware program, updating the firmware will overwrite and disable it, so you'll need to get a buy a reset key again.

Are there any benefits to installing Epson printer driver updates?

You may need the latest printer driver when connecting the printer to a new device or after installing a new operating system. If the new device or OS is released at later date than the printer, the appropriate driver will not be included on your printer installation CD and you may have no choice, but to download the latest driver version from Epson.

If you're not having any issues, there may be no reason to update. New driver update is highly unlikely to make your printer printer any faster, iimprove the print quality, make it any more economical and it is definitely not going to fix cartridge recognition problems.

Can printer updates be enabled later...if required?

Yes...if you decide your printer needs a driver update for some reason in the future, you can always download it manually by clicking: File>Print>Printer Properties >Maintenance...then click the 'Driver update' button. That's it.

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