Canon 650, 670, 680, 651, 671, 681 etc series any size ink tanks - How to refill

This refill method for Canon PGI-650, PGI-670, PGI-680, CLI-651, CLI-671 and CLI-681 ink tanks/cartridges is the easiest there is.

Note: Same refill method applies to Canon ink tanks anywhere - regardless of cartridge numbers being used in your country/region. (eg. Australian PGI-650 is essentially the same as PGI-150/ 250/ 350/ 450/ 550/ 750 or 850 in other countries).

Some key advantages:

  • All you need is a syringe
  • No other tools, drills, needles, plugs, outlet clip etc required
  • No holes to drill
  • Refill in less than a minute
  • Minimal risk of leaking
  • For any genuine & compatible tanks

Canon ink tank (any) easy filling:

1) Remove empty ink tank from printer and place it upside down (ink outlet pointing up) on couple of paper towels or few folded tissues.

CLI651 ink outlet filling

2) Fill syringe with ink - then place the tip against the felt/sponge inside the ink outlet and SLOWLY press the syringe plunger & start to release ink. If using a needle - don't push it into the sponge.

Note: If the sponge is absorbing ink very slowly or not at all, leave it for couple of minutes then top up again & so on. Some tanks take longer to fill than others..

3) When the sponge is full - ink will start pooling on top of it and/or leaking out through the air hole (top of the tank) at around the same time.

4) Use the syringe in reverse - to remove excess ink off the top of sponge.

5) Check ink tank for leaks. Hold the tank in upright position over something it can drip into - for few seconds. It shouldn't leak, but check anyway.

6) Reset the chip (if you have a chip resetter) or disable the ink monitoring and install cartridge back in the printer.

7) Rinse syringe in clean tap water - before filling other colours and/or when finished.

How easy was that ..?

Note: Genuine XL or XXL ink tanks will not fill completely using this method - only the sponge section. Use this method for filling 650XL, 670XL, 651XL, and 671XL and this method for 680XL/XXL and 681XL/XXL tanks.

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