Canon 5/8, 520/521, 525/526 refillable ink tanks - How to refill

Refillable PGI-5, PGI-520, PGI-525, CLI-8, CLI-521 & CLI-526 ink tanks/cartridges are even easier to refill than genuine Canon ink tanks.   


Refilling steps:

1) Remove rubber plug from Ink hole and the yellow 'Pull' tag from the air hole (first refill only). 

Or click the ink tank into orange outlet clip (subsequent refills) then remove the ink plug. Make sure the ink outlet is sealed - before removing the plug.

cli526 genuine outlet clip detail

4) Slowly fill the ink reservoir through the hole - using a syringe/needle combo. Some ink should absorb into the internal sponge, but the sponge doesn't have to be completely full. Fill the reservoir to 2-3mm from the top.

Note: If the sponge is not absorbing ink at all or very slowly, leave it for few minutes before adding more ink. Also confirm the air-hole is open and there is no glue residue blocking it. 

5) Plug the ink hole straight away. Leaving it open any longer than necessary can result in the sponge overfilling ... making the tank leak!

cli526 refillable cartridge

6) Check the tank for leaks. Remove it from the outlet clip and place in upright position over something it can drip into. Few drops is normal, but if ink keeps dripping, there is a problem. Don't install a leaking cartridge!

That's it.  Told you it was easy..!

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