Canon 680/681 compatible ink tanks stop getting recognized. Why..?

Date Posted:1 February 2020 

Canon have made some changes to the ink monitor disabling process - with certain late model printers (eg. Canon Pixma TR8500/8560, TS6300/6360/6365, TS8100/8160, TS8200/8260, TS8300/8360, TS9100/9160, TS9500/9560/9565) and more than likely any future models.

So ... what does the ink monitor do?

Ink monitor is a printer utility that estimates how much ink a printer is using and converts the data into a visual ink level display (ink gauge).

Another ink monitor function is to stop the printer working - before any ink runs out. Handy feature, but at the same time a major obstacle - if you plan to refill ink cartridges.

Good news...

Canon ink printers offer refillers the option to disable the ink monitoring (have always done so). With the monitoring disabled, the ink level gauge stops functioning (indicates empty), but the printer continues working regardless.

This means that empty ink tanks/cartridges can be refilled and should get accepted by the printer and continue working.

Note: Other ink printers (eg. Epson or Brother) don't offer this feature, so a chip resetter or auto-reset chips are required, to be able to re-use 'empty' cartridges.  

Ok ... so what's the problem?  

Latest model Canon printers only allow ink monitor disabling with genuine Canon ink cartridges installed. 

Attempting to disable the ink monitor with TR8500, TS6200, TS6300, TS8100, TS8200, TS8300, TS9100, TS9500 series, while using older version compatible or refillable  ink cartridges will not work and the cartridge(s) may stop getting recognized in the process.

Canon TS 8100 support code 1660 (recognition error)

Non genuine (even older versions) ink tanks might get recognized ok initially and work perfectly well, but only until the printer reports 'ink out' condition. At that point any non genuine tank may stop getting recognized, even if it had worked perfectly well until then.

Note: Keeping ink tanks topped up and never running out of ink makes no difference at all, as far as the monitoring goes. Actual ink levels are not relevant, as Canon printers don't monitor actual levels.

Is there a solution?

YES ... there is now!

Updated: August 2020

If you're having trouble disabling the ink monitor using older refillable or compatible 680/681 ink cartridges, you can now update to a newer version v.2 cartridges (or chips) that disable with no issues. If you already have refillable cartridges, 'new' chips are easy to swap over.

Contact us if you need more information.

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