Canon 680/681 genuine ink tanks leaking? Learn why...

Date Posted:24 December 2019 

Having trouble filling genuine Canon 680/681 ink tanks?

Canon PGI-680 and CLI-681 genuine ink tanks aren't hard to refill, yet some refillers experience ink leaking problems. In this post we'll look at why and what to do about it

Note: If you're in a country/region other than Australia or NZ, your Canon ink cartridges use different part numbers (eg: PGI-180, 280, 380, 480, 580, 780, 880 and CLI-181, 281, 381, 481, 581, 781 or 881) but the cartridges are identical and same information applies.

So...why do 680/681 ink tanks leak?

Incorrect refilling method or not using the right plugs and ink can be blamed for 99% of problems with PGI-680 & CLI-681 Canon ink tanks.

Some common causes:

  1. ink hole not sealed properly 
  2. ink hole plug had fallen out 
  3. ink tank sponge 'too full'
  4. damaged ink tank
  5. damaged internal sponge
  6. dried up sponge
  7. wrong ink viscosity

All these issues are fairly simple to avoid just by following accurate refilling instructions and using quality refill ink.

Find refill instructions for Canon 680/681 ink tanks here.

And then there's a bonus problem specific to refilling genuine PGI-680 & CLI-681 regular or setup ink tanks...

Canon genuine ink tanks have always provided a convenient filling hole hidden under the top label. All you had to do was scrape part of the label of, pull out the existing plastic plug ... and you had a perfect hole to fill the cartridge through. 

651 remove plug

But SOME 680/681 Setup or Regular ink tanks filled in this way will not work and any ink injected inside - will end up on the outside.

Canon 681M tank leaking

Tip: If you remove the QR code part of the top label and see an open hole with no plug inside it - DON'T use it to fill through. Find correct refill instructions here.

Having said all that, even if your 680 or 681 tanks do have plugs inside them - there is no guarantee they will not leak anyway. Since some 680/681 tanks refill ok and some don't, it's impossible to say which are safe to fill. 

If you want to be sure, you can test the tank by filling it with clean water - instead of ink. That way, if it does leak all you have do is wait for the water to run out and dry the chip off well. And if it doesn't leak...great! Suck the water back out using a syringe and re-fill with correct ink. 

Can a leaking ink tank be 'fixed'?

No, but unless you installed the leaking tank already and killed the printer in the process, it is possible to clean the ink off the chip and keep using the ink tank. This is how:

1) shake the ink tank to remove all ink
2) rinse the tank really well under tap
3) dry the chip as well as possible
4) shake the tank some more
5) wipe chip with dry tissue paper to confirm it's not getting wet any more
6) refill the ink as described 
7) fit ink tank in printer and test print

So, now you know...

InkBank Canon 670/671 ink refill kits come with everything you need to refill any size genuine ink tank including comprehensive refill instructions, plugs, tools, ink outlet clips, syringes and a quality ink set.

Alternatively you can upgrade to XL capacity refillable, transparent ink tanks.

Please contact us if you need more information.

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