E7 black pigment for Epson WF PRO, Workforce, XP & Stylus

Premium Inktec ink

Inktec E7 black ink. Refill your Epson printer with Inktec premium inks and be rewarded with quality, eco friendly and economical printing.

E7 black ink is compatible with Epson printers and cartridges listed below and suitable for use with genuine, compatible or refillable ink cartridges or CISS.

Key features:

  • Premium quality pigment
    UV stable
  • Quick drying
  • Smudge resistant
  • Micro filtered
  • Very economical
  • 3+ year shelf life
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Made in Korea

For use in Epson printers:

Epson Workforce 60, WF60, 320, WF320, 325, WF325, 435, WF435, 525, WF525, 545, WF545, 625, WF625, 630, WF630, 633, WF633, 645, WF645, 840, WF840, 845, WF845, 3520, WF2510, 2510, WF2520, 2520, WF2530, 2530, WF2540, 2540, WF2630, 2630, WF2650, 2650, WF2660, 2660, WF2750, 2750, WF2760, 2760, WF2860, 2860, WF3520, 3520, 3530, WF3530, 3540, WF3540, WF3620, 3620, WF3640, 3640, 7010, WF7010, 7510, WF7510, 7520, WF7520, WF7610, 7610, WF7620, 7620, WF7710, 7710, WF7720, 7720, WF7725, 7725 

Epson Workforce PRO WF4530, 4530, WF4540, 4540, WF4630, 4630, WF4640, 4640 

Epson Expression Home XP100, 100, XP200, 200, XP220, 220, XP300, 300, XP310, 310, XP314, 314, XP320, 320, XP324, 324, XP400, 400, XP410, 410, XP420, 420, XP5100, 5100

Epson Expression Premium XP510, XP520, XP600, XP610, XP620, XP700, XP710, XP720, XP800, XP820

Epson Stylus C63, C65, C67, C79, C83, C87, C90, C110, CX3500, CX3700, CX3900, CX4100, CX4700, CX5700, CX5700F, CX4900, CX5500, CX5900, CX6500, CX6900, CX7300, CX8300, CX9300, N11, NX120, NX125, NX130, NX230, NX240, NX420, NX430, NX635,  T20, T21, T30, T40, T40W, T1100, TX100, TX110, TX120, TX200, TX210, TX300, TX300F, TX400, TX410, TX510, TX510FN, TX550, TX550W, TX600, TX600FW, TX610, TX610FW,        

For refilling Epson ink cartridges or CISS:

Epson 73-BK, 73N-BK, 91N-BK, 103-BK, 132-BK, 133-BK, 138-BK, 140-BK, 200-BK, 200-BKXL 202-BK, 202-BKXL 220-BK, 220-BKXL, 252-BK, 252-BKXL, 273-BK, 273BK-XL, 631, 6761, 676-BK, 676-BKXL, 7861, 786-BK, 786-BKXL 


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