B2 BCMY ink set (4) for Brother printers

Premium Inktec pigment & dye inks

Inktec B2 black & B1 colour ink set. Refill your Brother printer with Inktec premium inks and be rewarded with quality, eco friendly and very economical printing.

Set colours:
  Cyan   Magenta  Yellow 


Inktec B2 black pigment and B1 colour inks are compatible with late model Brother printers listed below and suitable for use with genuine, compatible or refillable ink cartridges as well as Brother INKvestment continuous ink printers.

Note: B2 pigment black ink can also be used with Brother printers that would otherwise use a dye black ink.

Key features:

  • Premium PGBK black ink
  • Premium CMY colour inks
  • Micro filtered
  • Quick drying
  • UV stable black
  • Very economical
  • 3+ year shelf life
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Made in Korea

For use in Brother  printers:

Brother DCP-J152W, J152W, 152W, DCP-J172W, J172W, 172W, DCP-J752DW, J752W, 752W, DCP-J552D, J552D, 552D, DCP-J562DW, J562W, 562W, DCP-J752D, J752D, 752D, DCP-J4110DW, J4110DW, 4110DW, DCP-J4120DW, J4120DW, 4120DW. 

Brother MFC-J245DW, J245DW, 245DW, MFC-J470DW, J470DW, 470DW, MFC-J475DW, J475DW, 475DW, MFC-J480DW, J480DW, 480DW, MFC-J650DW, J650DW, 650DW, MFC-J680DW, J680DW, 680DW, MFC-J870DW, J870DW, 870DW, MFC-J880DW, J880DW, 880DW, MFC-J4410DW, J4410DW, 4410DW, MFC-J4510DW, J4510DW, 4510DW, MFC- J4620DW, J4620DW, 4620DW, MFC-J4710DW, J4710DW, 4710DW, MFC-J5320DW, J5320DW, 5320DW, MFC-J5330DW, J5330DW, 5330DW, MFC-J5720DW, J5720DW, 5720DW, MFC-J5730DW, J5730DW, 5730DW, MFC-J5930DW, J5930DW, 5930DW, MFC-J6520DW, J6520DW, 6520DW, MFC-J6530DW, J6530DW, 6530DW, MFC-J6720DW, J6720DW, 6720DW, MFC-J6730DW, J6730DW, 6730DW, MFC-J6920DW, J6920DW, 6920DW, MFC-J6930DW, J6930DW, 6930DW, MFC-J6935DW, J6935DW, 6935DW.

For refilling Brother ink cartridges:

Brother LC131, 131, LC133, 133, LC137, 137, LC139, 139, LC231, 231, LC233, 233, LC237, 237, LC239, 239, LC3317, 3317, LC3319, 3319, LC3329, 3329. 

For refilling continuous ink printers:

Brother INKvestment J805DW, 805DW, J1300DW, 1300DW, J5845DW, 5845DW, J5945DW, J6545DW, 6545DW.

Ink options:

Prefer all dye inks? This ink set is also available with dye black B1 ink here. 


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