HP printer System failure error - How to reset

This page contains information dealing with Ink system failure, Scanner system failure and similar error messages with HP printers and multifunction devices.

HP ink system failure error message

What causes System failure errors?

System failure errors usually pop up when powering HP printer on, but can can do so any other time - often for no apparent reason.

Before attempting to reset Ink system failure, Scanner system failure or any other HP error, check for obvious problems that could be causing it (eg. missing ink cartridge, incorrect cartridge or printhead fitted, cartridge out of ink, chips and/or electrical contacts dirty or inky etc). Also check inside the printer for obstructions or ripped/jammed paper and note if the print carriage is in it's usual parking position - or not.

If everything seems ok - switch printer OFF then turn OFF at power point or unplug the power lead from printer. Leave it unplugged for 5 minutes, then plug the lead back in and power printer ON.

As it powers up and comes to life, listen for any ODD printer noises (eg. knocking, grinding etc) coming out of it.

If there are no strange noises and the System failure error pops up again, let's have a go at resetting it...

Please note: Resetting printer errors is usually carried out by experienced technicians. The instructions on this page are for your general information only and there is no guarantee the information is accurate or that attempting to reset the System failure error will have a positive outcome. 

Resetting HP Photosmart 3110 & 3310 System failure errors

(possibly work with other models as well)

1) With the printer ON, switch OFF at power point (or disconnect power lead from printer). Don't shut down using the POWER button on printer!

2) Press and hold OK and CANCEL buttons at the same time

3) Plug power lead in or switch ON at power point (still holding the OK and CANCEL)

4) Printer should power up. Release the two buttons.

5) Follow on screen prompts to set the date, country etc

6) Power printer OFF when prompted

7) Unplug power lead for 5 minutes, plug back in then power printer ON


Resetting HP Photosmart C6180 & C7180 System failure errors

(possibly work with other models as well)

1) Press * and # at the same time

2) Press 1, 2, 3 and 'support R0632M' should display

3) Press > and 'information menu' should display

4) Press > and 'configuration menu' should display

5) Press OK and 'hardware failure status' should display

6) Press OK 'failure status: clear'. Press OK to clear

7) Press CANCEL

8) Press CANCEL

9) Press CANCEL

10) Power printer OFF

11) Unplug power lead for 5 minutes, plug back in then power printer ON.


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