Brother LC133, LC233 ink cartridges - How to reset chip


Refilling Brother LC133 or LC233 ink cartridges..? You also need to reset the cartridge chips (to full) using a chip resetter. Your printer will not accept  refilled ink cartridges, unless the chips have been reset as well.

This page explains how to do it.....

Brother LC133 & LC233 chip resetting.

1) Familiarize yourself with the resetter:

Brother LC233 chip resetting

2) Place the resetter over cartridge - with the LED facing forward, the side guide against LH side of cartridge and the front guides just ahead of the step in front of the chip and carefully bring it in contact with the chip.

LC233 chip resetting

3) Gently press resetter against the chip - to activate the switch. The LED should start flashing red, indicating reset in progress. When the LED turns green -,the reset is complete.

4) Refill cartridge and test it in printer. If the ink level still reads low (or empty), try resetting the chip again.

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