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Date Posted:5 March 2021 

The aim of this page is to help you buy a good value AND cheap to run inkjet printer.

Buying a new printer is not hard, but trying to find a reasonably priced one that will do all you need and is economical to use as well...can be challenging.

Most printers are either cheap to buy OR cheap to use (print), pretty rare to find a model that fits both categories. In reality, most 'cheap' printers cost way more to operate than the more expensive models.

Note: If you already bought a printer and have trouble refilling it, contact us. There might be a solution.

If you're looking at buying a printer, you may find the following tips useful.

Refillable printer buying tips...

Tip 1: If you're undecided on what brand printer to buy...make it Canon. .Canon ink printers are easy to use, most models are refill friendly and there is a decent range of refill products available (refillable ink cartridges, chip resetters etc).

Another valuable feature of Canon desktop printers is the ability to switch off the Canon ink monitoring utility. This is a huge plus for refillers and continuous ink system users as it enables printing with cartridges registering as empty - without having to reset the ink chips. No other printer maker provides this feature! 

Tip 2: If you're considering buying an Epson printer to refill or fit a CISS to, make sure you can find a chipless firmware upgrade and some refillable cartridges for it first. There are no chip resetters or auto-resetting chips for majority of current model Epson printers, so refilling is generally not an option without the firmware upgrade. Expect to pay around $50 for the program and $20-30 for a set of refillable ink cartridges - if available. Check here.

Tip 3: If you're shopping for a replacement printer, don't automatically assume that a later model will be as easy (or possible) to refill or accept the same cartridges as your last printer, even if it's only a model or two newer. 

Tip 4: Contact us to confirm your printer choice can be refilled and/or there are affordable ink or toner cartridges available for it - before parting with your money.

Tip 5: Be prepared to invest in some refill accessories (eg refillable ink cartridges, chip resetter, chipless firmware upgrade etc) - to be able to refill. While some genuine cartridges can be refilled ok, others may not be possible to fill (or reset).

Tip 6: Don't buy a printer just because it is cheap or on sale (unless you know what you're doing). Buying a discounted printer or getting some bonus ink cartridges or another sweetener with it, might seem like a good deal at the time, but could end up costing you hundreds more in ink or toner over time - so may not be the smartest idea.

Tip 7: Don't expect any worthwhile advice from shop assistants.

Tip 8: Found a cheap printer online at a web store you're not familiar with? Check around for some independent business reviews to see who you're about to send money to. Can't find anything? Don't risk it and order somewhere else.

Tip 9: Considering buying a printer from a major retailer? Buying some printers from shops like Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Joyce Mayne and possibly other retailers will effectively lock you into buying supplies (ink or toner)  exclusively from the same franchise.

So ... if you buy for example a Canon Pixma TS5360 or Pixma TR7060 printer from Officeworks, you will not be able to buy ink cartridges (PG660 & CL661) for it from your local computer shop, JB HiFi, Inkbank or anywhere else - except Officeworks.

You can buy refill ink from Inkbank and refill the cartridges, but will have to go back to Officeworks to buy replacement cartridges.

This only applies to few printers at time of writing, but that's likely to change. 

Note: This page is provided for your general information only and is not guaranteed to be accurate, up to date or comprehensive. 

Please contact us for more information.

Ok, let's check out few printers...


Considering a genuine continuous ink printer..?

Canon Endurance CISS printer
Canon Endurance G6065 CISS printer

Continuous ink supply (CISS) printers don't use expensive ink or toner cartridges (like most printers do) but come fitted with refillable ink reservoirs instead. Great..!

But...genuine CISS printers from Canon, Epson, HP or Brother aren't exactly cheap and cost many times more to buy than a similar printer using regular ink cartridges. 

Sure...not having to buy expensive ink cartridges along the way will make your printing cheaper and more eco friendly, but there are other, less expensive ways to achieve this (eg. refilling your ink cartridges or getting one of Inkbank Canon CISS printers. 


Top value multifunction printer

Canon Pixma TS5060 are nice refillable multifunction (print, scan, copy) machines for home or micro business. If you have better things to spend your money on than expensive printers and can manage without auto-duplexing (double sided printing), it's well worth checking out!

Canon Pixma TS5060 printer

TS5060 are relatively cheap yet capable of great quality photo printing. If you're into printing photos, you may also appreciate a handy built-in SD card reader. The printer is wifi, mobile and Airprint connectable (as well as USB), so you don't even need a computer to use it.

TS5060 feature four colour, five individual ink tank hybrid ink system with two black and three individual colour inks. Using two different types of black ink (dye and pigment) in combination with three dye colours gives the printer great flexibility to produce high quality colour photos, as well as laser sharp and long lasting B&W documents at up to respectable 12.5 ipm B&W or 9 ipm colour. 

TS5060 are some of the easiest printers to refill, even using the initial 'setup' cartridges supplied with the printer. Alternatively, you can upgrade to higher capacity (XL) genuine, compatible or refillable ink tanks - if you prefer refilling less often.

It is easy to disable the printer ink monitoring (for refilling) or you can invest in a chip resetter or auto-reset refillable cartridges instead.

Want one? Contact us for more info or to order.


Cheapest multifunction with auto duplexer?

Canon Pixma MG3660 are a neat, printer, scanner, copier for home use that can be refilled. If you don't print a great deal and don't need an LCD display, you can own a unit like this for very small outlay.

Canon Pixma MG3660 printer

MG3660 are not the latest or the fastest printer in the world, but they are really good value. 

But there's more to this Canon than a good price. MP3660 works with any OS from Windows XP to Windows 10 as well as macOS X v10.7.5 to X v10.12. This means you shouldn't have to upgrade your computer, if you run an older PC and operating system.

Note: Most new printers need at least Windows 7 or Mac X v10.10.5 these days. 

MG3660 feature four colour, two cartridge hybrid ink system and will produce laser sharp and long lasting B&W documents as well as good quality photos. Print speed up to respectable 9ipm B&W or 5.7ipm colour.

MG3660 ink cartridges are quite easy to refill, even the initial set supplied with the printer. The included cartridges are small and only suitable for low volume printing. It is possible to double the cartridge volume using optional Inkbank refillable cartridge inserts for less frequent, easier and more reliable refilling. 

It is easy to disable the printer ink monitoring (for refilling) which is handy as there are no chip resetters for these cartridges available. 

Want one? Please contact us for more info or to order one.


Home office fax multifunction 

Canon Pixma TR7660 are a reliable and refillable multi-function printer, scanner, copier with fax, ready for home or small business work.

Canon PixmaTR 8560 printer
Canon TR7560 printer

TR7660 are priced well and packed full of useful features including auto-duplexer, 20 sheet ADF (auto document feeder), fax, two separate paper feeds (100/50 sheet), Wifi, Air print and more. 

TR7660 use five cartridge hybrid ink system with two black and three individual colour ink tanks. This makes for a really flexible inkjet capable of producing great photos and graphics as well as laser sharp and long lasting B&W documents at respectable 15ipm and 10 ipm in colour.

TR7660 ink tanks/cartridges are easy to fill, even the initial set supplied with printer. Alternatively you can upgrade to higher capacity (XL or XXL) genuine or refillable ink tanks - if you prefer refilling less often.

Interested? Please contact us for more info or to order.


Home A3 multifunction printer 

Need bigger prints? This Canon A3 printer, A4 scanner/copier is definitely worth a look.

Canon Pixma TS 9560 printer

TS9560 are great value A3 MFC and packed full of handy features. This model specs, features and ink information pretty much mirror the TR7660 model (read above) except TS9560 supports A3 printing and direct CD/DVD print.

Interested?  Please contact us for more info or to order.


Office multifunction printer?

Are you looking for a good value office printer? Find more info here or contact us.

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Wish I saw this review before I bought a printer

By: on 27 September 2020
Was in a rush for a printer earlier in the year and now have been caught by the Canon TS5360 printer - Officeworks scam. Not only can I only buy the ink from them it is never in stock!!!

epson xp-4105

By: on 14 August 2020
Before I throw this computer into the nearest recycling depot I'll try a few helplines. Bought the epson xp-4105 with the intention of refilling ink cartridges but was ambushed by the chip and software saying I'm empty. Have looked for a chip resetter but have only come across a couple in America cost big bucks. Oh for the days for my old printer... Is there a way of refilling the ink cartridges on this printer?

ink toner

By: on 27 December 2019
Thanks a lot for putting your thoughts on refillable ink printer. These shopping printer tips are amazing for those who are looking for new printers. Though I am here to find options to refill ink for my fuji_xerox cm405 printer as I know HP runs such program .

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