About us

Welcome to InkBank...

a quality printer ink supply business operating from Canberra (Australia). 

Brief history ... It started back in late 1990's. Desktop printers were fairly new then and the printer companies had almost complete control over ink sales. This was well before China started flooding the world with cheap ink, ink cartridges...and everything else.

There were few ink and toner businesses about, but it was REALLY hard to find any decent quality ink refills in Australia back then.

Anyway, one thing led to another ... and in November 1998 Inkbank was founded.

Initially a mobile ink cartridge refilling business then couple of years later expanding into other ink related products as well as converting printers to continuous ink (CISS).

Things got really busy then...Inkbank was supplying several shops around the country and overseas as well as own shop at Mitchell and later on - this web store.

Fast forward to present (2021) ... 

If you look around the website, you can find quality refill inks, refill accessories  (eg chip resetters, refillable cartridges, refill tools, plugs etc) and everything else you could need to re-ink your printer.

Looking for a new printer..? Contact us to find a great value continuous ink or refill friendly printer.

This website is getting rebuilt and lot of products are yet to be re-listed. If you can't find what you came for - please contact us .  All remaining products should be listed soon.