Don't recycle ink cartridges

   Cartridge recycling bin       

Let me explain... 

Printer cartridges consist of a complex mix of different plastics, various metals, residue ink or toner and other equally environment wrecking components.

So...I'm not suggesting that you dump empty ink or toner cartridges in any of your wheelie bins either. Please don't..!

Bins three

Recycling printer cartridges (both ink and toner) is a great idea and all cartridges should be recycled - when their time is up.

BUT...recycling any complex product like ink or toner cartridges and turning them into new products is a pretty involved process that consumes heap of energy, wastes limited resources and creates pollution. or toner cartridges should only be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Recycling ink or toner cartridges ahead of their time (just because they're empty) might be somewhat better for the environment than throwing them in the garbage, but is not ideal either and should be avoided just as much.

Please consider some other, more enviro friendly alternatives FIRST, before deciding to recycle your ink or toner cartridges:

  • Refill and reuse the cartridges or
  • Get them professionally refilled or
  • Donate them to a refiller/shop or
  • List them on Gumtree or ... ???'re not likely to get rich from selling your set of empties on ebay, but if they are genuine, it should be pretty easy to find some interest. 

Cartridge reconditioning and refilling businesses can't exist without regular supply of empty, genuine ink and toner cartridges and many are struggling to keep up with demand.

This is mainly a result of cartridge recycling programs (financed by major printer companies) extracting perfectly sound, empty ink and toner cartridges from circulation as quickly as they can - for no other reason than to stop them getting re-used.

And...the ultimate result of this pointless excercise is the subsequent need to make more new cartridges - to fill the gap. This may be beneficial to the cartridge makers, but unfortunate for the environment.    

This is what your empty ink or toner cartridges turn into - during recycling:

Shredded cartridges

 ... shredded ink and toner cartridges.

And this is what empty ink cartridges turn into - if they're refilled:

                 Remanufactured Canon inks   

                 ... full ink cartridges.

And this is what empty toner cartridges turn into - if they're remanufactured:

            Remanufactured Canon toner

                ... full toner cartridges.

              Makes sense ... doesn't it?

Every single ink or toner cartridge that is filled & reused (by you or someone else), saves having to build another cartridge to replace it...and that's something you can feel REALLY, REALLY good about!

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