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How to disable Canon ink tank monitor - in late model printers...

Canon have made changes recently - to how the ink monitoring is disabled in some late model ink printers. Following information applies to Canon MG5460, MG6360 and possibly other MG models as well. Other new Canon printers (eg iP7260) don't seem affected by the change.

Refilling recent Canon ink tanks or cartridges doesn't reset ink levels in the "Canon ink monitor". That's not new, it's been the same since Canon introduced their first "chipped" ink tank many years ago.

But...things have changed




 make ink refilling more difficult. The information on this page applies mainly to Canon printers with PGI-650 & CLI-651 individual ink tanks, but there is good chance it will apply to all other Canons from now on. 

Please note all the model numbers listed are of AU/EU printers. All the info on this page applies to similar Canon models in other countries/regions, even though the printer model number may be slightly different in other parts of the world. 

Note: if your printer uses only two ink cartridges (one black/one colour) or is not listed above, you can find more ink monitor information on this page: Canon ink monitor (cartridges) - how to disable

Refilling Canon CLI-8, CLI-521, CLI-526, CLI-651, PGI-5, PGI-520, PGI-525, PGI-650 and similar ink tanks doesn't reset the ink levels in printer software, so the printer may not print - even if all ink tanks are full of ink. All the ink information comes from a small IC chip fitted to each ink tank. There is no connection between the actual ink levels and the ink monitor (ink gauge) levels and if any chip reads "empty"...you're not printing anything until the error is cleared. Even if say your yellow ink tank is "empty" and all you want to print is a page of black text...you can't.

To make the printer work again, you have few choices:

1) Fit a new ink tank (or new chip)
2) Reset the "empty" chip
back to full - using a chip re-setter (if available for your printer model)
3) Use auto-reset ink tanks
(if available for your printer model)
4) Disable the ink monitor

It's easy to disable the ink monitor...

Simply read and follow the messages from your printer (on screen) similar to ones shown below. If you use a multi function (MP or MG) printer, similar messages should also display on the printer LCD panel (if it has one).

Important: When the ink monitor is disabled, ink level indicator (for that ink tank) disappears and the printer will not stop printing, even if it is out of ink. Inspect ink level in each tank periodically (by removing it) to avoid running out!   

Note: Ink level monitor function will be restored to normal by fitting a new ink tank (or resetting the chip).

1) When the printer software decides one of the ink tanks is empty - you should get this message (or similar). If it doesn't appear straight after refilling, don't panic...it will. The printer simply doesn't see the ink tank as empty - yet. Just keep using the printer as usual and wait for this (or similar) message to pop up.


Click OK to continue...

2) Then you should receive this message:


Click Yes to continue...

3) Then you should get this message:


Click Yes to continue...

4) Finally you should receive this message:


Press the "Resume" (flashing) button on the printer - until the error clears.

If your printer doesn't have a Resume button, use the Stop or Cancel button . Hold the button - until the "Alarm" LED stops
flashing or until the error message disappears. This takes 6-7 seconds. The printer should then resume normal operation.
If it doesn't, check your monitor task bar (bottom of screen) for any new printer errors that may need attention. It is normal
to get a message like:


Clicking "OK" should clear this error.

Note: You will have to repeat the same process with every ink tank that registers empty in the monitor - when time comes.
There is no way to pre-disable the ink monitor for tanks not recognised as empty yet - by the printer.

Canon chip re-setters now available for PGi-5, PGi-520, PGi-525, CLi-8, CLi-521 & CLi-526 ink tanks.

If you need any help with this, contact us. 

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