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Photo inkjet paper

Inkjet paper and specialty media 

Selecting the right inkjet paper for your print job is important, if you expect good results.  While majority of everyday documents can be printed on quality plain paper, more demanding print jobs such as quality photographs or colour graphics look much better printed on inkjet paper.

Inkjet papers have special coating  that reduces ink absorption into the paper and speeds up the ink drying process. Quicker drying usually means less 'bleeding' between colours and a sharper, clearer and much more vibrant print job.

Inkjet paper usually costs more than plain paper and is priced according to 'quality' of the coating and the weight (thickness)  of the paper. Brand name paper (HP, Canon, Epson) generally costs more than similar quality aftermarket inkjet paper.   

High resolution paper is good value. At  90 -110gsm it isn't heavy like photo paper, but is suitable for any higher quality print job, not requiring the card thickness. It is matt coated for vibrant B&W or colour graphics, presentations and even photos to be displayed in photo albums, behind glass or to be laminated. 

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