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Dell ink refills

Dell ink refill kits contain enough quality ink for many refills, all the tools you need and easy to follow refilling instructions.

Dell ink refill kits      


Can your Dell ink cartridges be refilled?

Most Dell ink cartridges are fairly easy and economical to refill, but some recent dell printers with "chipped" ink cartridges will not work - if refilled. There are no refillable cartridges, or chip resetters available for Dell printers, so if your printer is programmed not to accept refilled cartridges - there is little point even trying to refill them. 

The easiest way to check, how your Dell printer will react to refilling, is continue to print with "empty" cartridge and see what the printer does. If it gives you "out of ink" warning, but will continue to print, it should accept refilled cartridges ok. If it stops and offers you no option to override the ink monitor, you're out of luck. Bin the Dell and get a different printer...

Note: Dell ink tanks (eg Series 21) look like they aren't chipped - but they are. The chip is covered by the cartridge label.

Dell cartridges work well with (Lexmark) L3 pigment black ink and L3 dye (cyan, magenta, yellow) colour inks. Dell ink cartridges are made by Lexmark so they use the same ink in many cartridges.

The ink included with Dell refill kits is not made or endorsed by Dell (or Lexmark), but is of similar quality, quick drying, good colour match, premium US made ink. Not universal or Chinese ink.   100% satisfaction guarantee  

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Black Dell refill kit (most models) Black Dell refill kit (most models)

Black refill kit for most Dell ink cartridges

Contents: 125ml black premium pigment (L3) ink, 10ml syringe, needle, drill tool, instructions, gloves

Approximately 8-12 black refills

Price: $33.00

Colour Dell refill kit (most models) Colour Dell refill kit (most models)

Colour refill kit for most Dell ink cartridges

Contents: 3 x 50ml (c,m,y) premium dye (L3) ink, 3 x 5ml syringe / needle, drill tool, instructions, gloves

Approximately 8-12 colour refills

Price: $38.50

Black + Colour Dell refill value pack Black + Colour Dell refill value pack

Black & colour refill deal for most Dell ink cartridges

3 x 50ml (c,m,y) premium dye (L3) ink
1 x 125ml black premium pigment (L3) ink 
3 x 5ml & 1 x 10ml syringe,  4 needles, drill tool, instructions, gloves
Approx. 8-12 refills of black & colour cartridge

Price: $66.00



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