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Chip resetters for HP printers                                                                         

All HP ink cartridges and ink tanks come fitted with IC chips these days. The cartridge chips store ink level information as well as expiration date of the cartridge and other data.

While there are no chip resetters available for any genuine HP cartridges, most Hewlett Packard inkjet printers and multi-functions can be successfully refilled - without resetting the chips.

HP cartridges can be split into 5 groups according to cartridge type & chip design...  

1 - Most newish HP genuine cartridges (with print-head) can be refilled and work without resetting chips. All HP printers using 2 ink cartridges (black & colour) stop printing when either cartridge is considered empty, (even if it has been refilled). The printer displays "out of ink" error and will not print until the error is cleared. This is done by either fitting a new cartridge or disabling the ink monitor, by pressing "Stop", "OK" or "Resume" button on the printer (varies between models) for few seconds. The printer then resumes normal operation except the ink level display (for that cartridge) disappears.

2 - HP 564 & 920 cartridges can be refilled without resetting the chips. Same info as above applies.

3 - HP 932, 933, 950, 951 cartridges can not be reset, but it is possible to disable the ink monitor. You will need two sets of cartridges for this (the set you are using and another set). When the printer displays "Ink depleted" error, remove the empty cartridge and install another one (from the spare set). This one can be full, empty, genuine, compatible...doesn't matter. When the printer recognises the new cartridge, remove it and install the original one (after refilling) back in. The printer error message should now change to "Empty genuine cartridge installed" and the printer should work again. Click "OK" to any other dialog boxes as required. 

4 - HP individual cartridges that are fixed (don't move with print-head when printing) are few HP cartridges/printers that will not function unless the chips are reset. This includes HP #02, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 82, 88, 940 etc cartridges. With these printers it is generally not possible to disable the ink monitoring so some other way of dealing with the ink chips is required. As mentioned earlier, there are no chip resetters for genuine HP cartridges. The only alternative available is refillable cartridges.  These are fitted with ARC (auto-reset) chips or MRC (manual-reset) chips to overcome the ink monitor issue and are very easy to refill as well. Most refillable cartridges are available in ARC version only.. If you prefer manual-reset and a chip re-setter - or more info, contact us.

HP chip resetter.jpg
HP chip resetter for refillable (MRC) cartridges

5 - Older HP cartridges don't use ink level chips to prevent refilling (some do). Instead each cartridge has ID number and the printer keeps several ID's in memory. Usually it's 3 ID's. So...when a refilled or empty cartridge is fitted, the printer 'remembers it' as empty. Some models let you print with 'empty' cartridges, others don't. If you have 3 black cartridges (to reset the black ink) or 3 colour cartridges (to reset the colour) it's easy to reset the memory. The cartridges can be full or empty, it doesn't matter, as long as the electronic circuits are ok. All you have to do is install the first one in the printer, let the printer recognise it...then install the second...then the third. And by the time you get to the "refilled" cartridge, the printer should see it as a NEW full cartridge and work fine.

Scroll down to buy a HP chip resetter - for refillable (MRC) cartridges only. Please contact us if you need more information about HP chips and chip resetters.

Ink level resetter  HP#14 Ink level resetter HP#14
Ink level resetter for HP #14 cartridges C5011 (black) and C5010 (colour). Only resets refill friendly InkBank cartridges/chips - not HP original.
Price: $33.00

Ink level re-setter for HP#10, 11, 13, 18, 82, 88 Ink level re-setter for HP#10, 11, 13, 18, 82, 88
Ink level resetter for HP #10, 13, 18, 82, 88 etc refill friendly MRC cartridges - black & colour. Only resets refill friendly InkBank cartridges/chips - not HP original.
Price: $38.50



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