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Refillable ink cartridges

Refillable ink cartridges / refillable ink tanks



Refillable (refill friendly) ink cartridges are "easy to refill" versions of genuine ink cartridges/tanks. Many recent  Brother, Canon, Epson and HP ink cartridges can be difficult to refill, and some cartridges are simply not refillable at all. Majority of current ink tanks/cartridges feature "ink chips" that record ink level information and can turn "empty" ink tanks into garbage material - once the original ink is depleted. In many printers, "empty" ink cartridges simply stop functioning with an "out of ink" error message.  

Refillable ink cartridges overcome this problem - they are built to be refilled! Now available for most Brother, Canon, Epson and HP printers with individual ink cartridges, refillable cartridges can transform most "non-refillable" printers into "easy to refill" category - at minimal cost.

If you already have some suitable ink, you can buy empty refillable cartridges & syringes as SETS. If you want some high quality printer ink as well, refillable cartridges are also available as cartridges & refill ink & tools DEALS.   

To find refillable cartridges and/or ink for your printer, click one of the links or pics below. If you want more info on refillable ink cartridges and tanks...scroll down this page.



Epson refillable cartridges
with auto-reset chips

Refillable Epson ink cartridges ARC



Canon refillable ink tanks
with auto or manual reset chips

Refillable Canon ink cartridges


Epson refillable cartridges
with manual-reset chips

Refillable Epson ink cartridges MRC


Brother refillable cartridges
for most Brother printer models

Refillable Brother ink cartridges


Epson funnel-fill cartridges - NEW!
for wide format Epson (PRO) printers

Refillable Epson PRO ink cartridges

HP refillable cartridges
for individual cartridge printers

Refillable HP ink cartridges



About refillable ink cartridges...

Refilling most refillable ink cartridges is as easy as removing a rubber plug and injecting some ink inside - using a syringe & needle. If you like the sound of this - consider getting a set. That's all that is involved. No experimenting or drilling holes, no leaks due to not sealing plugs, no mess. Refillable cartridges are transparent, so you can see exactly what you are doing and how much ink there is inside. Unless you've tried refilling a Brother, Canon, Epson or HP ink cartridge and made a mess, because you couldn't see the ink inside, you may not see any advantage in this. If you have...you probably do.

Refillable ink cartridges come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the printer make & model they fit, but all serve essentially the same purpose:

  • "Convince" the printer, that it has genuine ink cartridges or ink tanks installed
  • Enable resetting of cartridge ink chips to full (if chipped)
  • Store, filter and supply ink to the print-heads as required 
  • Allow for super easy refilling

More refillable ink cartridge info...

Refillable ink tanks/cartridges can be refilled time and time again and often will outlast the printer. There is not a lot that can go wrong with refillables, due to a fairly simple design. "Chipped" refillable cartridges can have "cartridge recognition" issues with some printers, but this is usually easy to rectify. The cartridge chips can fail sometimes, but are easy to replace, if necessary. Please contact us, if you experience any issues with refillable ink cartridges or chips. There is usually an easy solution. Refillable cartridges are covered by 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Note: Many Canon, Dell, HP and Lexmark original ink cartridges can be refilled using InkBank refill kit. There are no refillable cartridges available for ANY printer - that uses ink cartridges with a print-head (on cartridge). Most Canon and HP genuine ink tanks (even chipped ones) can be refilled, but if there are refillable cartridges available for your model - they are worth getting anyway.

   Select your printer make from the sub-categories (below) or pics (above), to find more specific information and/or buy a set
   of refillable ink cartridges or refillable ink tanks. Please contact us, if you can't find what you're looking for.

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Brother refillable cartridges
Canon refillable cartridges
Epson PRO refillable cartridges
Epson refillable cartridges (auto reset)
Epson refillable cartridges (manual reset)
HP refillable cartridges (auto reset)


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